Computer Numerical Control (CNC) OPERATOR / PROGRAMMER

Study a demanding profession in a few months.

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Learn the specialty for 3-6 months remotely at home!


We provide a tele-education. You should have a computer with an Internet connection of 1 mb / s to attend training programme that you choose (for group classes). Also we provide access to training and navigation on sites through a tablet, netbook and smartphone using mobile Internet.

During 4-6 months of training, all students study 8 basic subjects, pass tests, do interactive exercises. There are tasks on writing control programs, exercises to build drawings in computer-aided design systems, and also pass qualification tests in a special service system.

If you choose self-study programme you can not attend virtual classes. All students of the course, regardless of their level of knowledge, can begin training at any time, without waiting for recruitment of group.

The certificate is issued after completing the course. The cost of certificate and its issuance is 72 USD.

Types of training

We offer the following types of training for individuals and companies (training and/or career guidance for employees):

Self-study (training)

Distance learning using access to recordings of lessons and other materials for a month. The cost of training is 49 USD/month (or 199 USD/6 months). Certificate is issued after the course!

What is our training system?

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New design

We have just updated the design of website. Working in our training system is more convenient due to the general navigation menu.

New capabilities

Additional features were added: attendance register; automated payment systems; creation of acts;


You can receive notifications on your email to stay informed about work of managers and teachers.


We use ZOOM program for virtual classes. It can be run in all operating systems.

Support Service

We support customers through telephony, as well as instant messengers: Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat. Have you got any questions? We can reply instantly!


The system registers your attendance and amount of time you spend watching videos and doing tasks.

3520 +

customers from 48 countries





Issuing and sending the certificate

Download the original electronic version of the certificate in the designer
(the document opens in a separate window)

Please, note! The electronic version of the certificate does not have one-sided label with a special embossed seal of the company. The printed original of the certificate is sent by letter to the postal address. 
Total issued: 582 certificates in 16 countries!

Certification includes completing a homework and exams remotely. The cost of certification is 72 USD. It includes issuing a certificate without training (for customers with experience) and sending it by letter to the postal address. 

You can check the validity

of the certificate on this page. Enter the certificate number in the upper left block of our website (ENTER THE NUMBER OF THE CERTIFICATE). Or scan QR-code on the document with any available device for quick access to the certificate office.

Account registration

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