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This cookie policy applies to the all sites in following domains (and their subdomains):

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that a website may save in your web browser to remember your preferences.

Own cookies
The cookies that we use on our sites, have the following functions for the user:
- remember the selected language;
- remember the selected screensize;
- remember the selected fontsize;
- remember favorite links;
- online-chat TAWK.TO;

If you block the cookies on our website, your preferences will not be stored.

Cookies of Google
Our sites use the following Google applications that manage cookies:
- Google Analytics to count the number of visits;
- Google Maps to show maps.

Additional information:
How Google uses the data that they gather on our site?
How Google uses cookies?

Cookies of other companies
In some cases we use cookies of other companies to:
- identify that the user comes from our site.

Accept cookies
In order to use our site in the best possible way, it is required that you accept the use of both our and third party cookies. You can accept the use of cookies, by way of clicking on the message during your first visit or simply by continuing to use our site.

Additional information:
How to manage cookies in browsers?

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